Top 10 Memorable Frat Party Themes and Ideas to Try

For college brotherhood or fraternities, even in sisterhood or sororities, partying with a theme is one of the long-standing traditions. Most of the time, these themed parties are thrown together with their counterpart sorority. There are several frat party themes that are known to frat and sororities. You can use them and put some personal touch for a memorable night.
When talking about frat parties, having a good idea or theme can make it to stand out and memorable to everybody. Having the right theme can set up great moods for all partying people. You can never hide the fact that one of the reasons of this kind of parties is for the boys to get girls and vice versa. This is wholly for fun in the adult level.

10. Toga Themed Party

10. Toga Themed Party

The classic themed party of today will never die. Just add some artistic and creative approach and it will create a fun and blasting party. One of the nicest things about this theme is that what you need to wear is simply a sheet of paper, put some green leaves (make sure it is crumpled) in your hair and then a keg. This will surely provide the people a retro fun ambience. The party is best to have beer!

9. Bro/Pimps and Hoes Themed Party

9. Bro-Pimps and Hoes Themed PartyThe idea of this theme is basically for adults with an open-mind and also, liberated. The costume to wear in this party is like what pimps and hoes wear in their ‘work’. Expect to see some revealing clothes all over the place in the party. Take note, if you have to body to reveal, you are lucky for this will be an easy one. But if you do not have that six-pack abs, well, be creative enough that you will stand out positively. If you need inspiration, look at the cast of Jersey Shore.

8. ABC (or the Anything But Clothes) Themed Party

8. ABC (or the Anything But Clothes) Themed PartyThe name of the theme says it all – you can wear any costumes but not the regular clothes. In this type of frat party, you have to use your imagination. Since no regular clothes are allowed, grab some pizza boxes and create a costume out of it. All kinds of tapes – duct tape, caution sign tape, masking tapes – you can use them to cover your body. Plastic and trash bags can be used as well.

7. Beer Olympics Themed party

A party is not that fun to most people without beer. Harness the power of the beer by using it for competitive reason in you party. Start the beer Olympics! What you need to do is to have a beer pong game, keg stand competition, a beer funnel challenge, a flip-cup race and many more games that include beer. The prize of the winner would be to drink more beer!

6. Foam Themed party

6. Foam Themed partyWhat you need here is a foam-making machine which you can rent in most party companies as well as specialty retailers. Since this is a frat party, it would be best that everyone will wear their swimsuits. Run them over to the foam machine and make everyone slippery. As everyone gets drunk, you will see people slide on the floor, tumble and so on! This will be a great and wild party night.

5. Catalina Wine Mixer Themed party

5. Catalina Wine Mixer Themed partyIf you want to put some class in your party, but still want to have fun, try the Catalina Wine Mixer idea. What you need to do is to get totally dressed up and of course, have some ladies to join the party for some glass of wine. If you want to put some humor, then opt for bags to pour the wine.

4. Golf Professionals and Tennis Hoes Themed party

4. Golf Professionals and Tennis Hoes Themed partyThis is similar to pimps and hoes in terms of the sexy feature. However, there is a unified costume but with a twist. Men can wear what professional golfers wear and for the women, think of the dresses of Maria Sharapova and Venus Williams when they are playing tennis on the field. Skirts, visor and polo – these are nice combination for the Lighting Lemonade, Long Island Iced Teas and Arnold Palmer’s drinks!

3. Do it for a Dollar Themed party

3. Do it for a Dollar Themed partyMoney is involved here. The way for the pledge women is by getting as much money as possible (not the real money, but the fake or Monopoly one). Expect the pledges to get wilder and crazier. You simple give away fake or Monopoly $1 bills and then get everyone in the party to begin their propositions to each other. The sexier the propositions being offered, the better the results. The guests in the party will then exchange the $1 bills with each other for the said propositions they made. Think of the crazier and naughty one like body shot or dance. As the night goes by especially after a few drinks, you will see more and more propositions are made just for the Monopoly or fake money.

2. Highlighter Themed Party2. Highlighter Themed Party

In this idea, every guest must wear white shirts. You have to bring your own highlighters. Each one will have to write or draw something to other guests’ shirt. Make sure that the highlighter you will see is invisible to the naked eye in the normal lighting, but once you turn off the lights and turned on the black lights, everyone will be able to read and see the drawing and letters in their shirt.

1. Black Light Graffiti Themed Party

1. Black Light Graffiti Themed PartyAmong the best frat party themes is the black light graffiti theme. This idea for a frat party is ideal for simply starting conversations. You will need black lights in the venue of the party plus highlighters that are washable. All guests must wear white shirts and every one should try writing or drawing to the shirt of the other guests. At the end, normal lights will be turned off and the black lights will be turned on and then every one can see what was written in their shirt! It would be great if you can incorporate the graffiti while playing some beer pong games with the clear cups and ping pong balls highlighted too.

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  1. Toga parties are a lot of fun particularly some of the games. Grown ups doing chariot races (piggy backs) while not trying to spill their beer. Outrageous!

    Thanks for the ten ideas.

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