Top 10 Most Sought-After Careers in Business Administration

Landing a job is likely to be one of the most important decisions a person has to make in his/her lifetime. Who says you just have to make do? By all means, design each and every step so that you end up with a career that you love. Everything depends on the choices one makes starting from the choice of college degree. These days, one of the most in-demand courses is Business Administration since it lands people high paying jobs in financially stable companies. According to statistics, Careers in Business Administration has the highest rate of professionals who are earning 5 to 6 digits per annum. Now, let us discover and unravel how being a Business Administration graduate makes one a top notch (and potentially rich) successful career person.

10. Management Trainee

10 Management Trainee

Managers and Executives all started at the bottom (except if they’re billionaire superheroes who are set to inherit top positions). They all had to undergo years of hard work and gain years of experience before reaching the top. The Management Trainee position can be considered as the first step up the corporate ladder. This is where it all begins, and it is up to you where you what level of the ladder you intend to reach.

There are tons of job opportunities for everyone. It is just a matter of planning, preparing and making smart choices in order to achieve your dream job and a better and secure future.

9. Quality Analyst

9 Quality Analyst

A Quality Analyst is reportedly one of the “least liked coworker” by the main workforce. This may be due to the fact the a QA’s job is to ensure that quality is met at all times and that no or less mistakes occur so that production is maximized. This setting is especially true of the company that has quotas to meet. The QA must be equipped with the necessary knowledge and expertise to do his job properly. One must be able to deal with the occasional hate mail as well. If you like the challenge, then this is the job for you.

8. Marketing Staff

8 Marketing Staff

A Marketing Staff member is directly engaged in sales or in acquiring customers and clients. To be good at this, you have to be very aggressive, assertive (but not obnoxious, okay?) in order to gain the client’s trust. If you fail at this, then you’d fail at getting the approval of a potential client. It is also inherent that everything regarding the services of the company should be covered in detail so that clients will understand clearly what you are offering. This job may be done in an office setting or out in the field.

7. Receptionists

7 Receptionists

Entertaining queries, jotting down events, taking calls and being able to direct customers to the right place are some of the functions of a Receptionist. Sitting in front of the office and answering customers concerns is not an easy job. Is this kind of work, patience is certainly considered a virtue. A smile in your face or a frown will make all the difference to a customer. If you have the right personality, then this could be the career choice that would make you happy and satisfied.

6. Administrative Staff

6 Administrative Staff

The workforce in an office setting is mainly the composition of the Administrative Staff. Members of the Administrative Department are tasked to do either similar functions or different jobs depending on the services and business their company is engaged in. The work may seem like a routine but certain skills must be possessed to land in a job like this one. What we’re saying is, make sure that the job description says more than Admin Staff so you’re clear on what’s required of you.

5. Store Supervisor

5 Store Supervisor

A Store Supervisor can be somewhat compared to a Branch Manager. However, some companies may require both at one outlet. In that case, there are two different positions to aspire. It really depends on the services that the company offers on whether it is a necessity to have a Branch Manager and a Supervisor at the same time. In this case, if both are required the function of the Supervisor is mostly allocated to direct interaction with the customers and employees. The supervisor will be monitoring the performance of the staff and deal with customer concerns first hand.

4. Branch Manager

4 Branch Manager

Many companies are engaged in different services with many different branches that enjoy certain autonomy from the mother company. Someone is put in-charge to manage these branches. A Branch Manager is the person who is given the responsibility to oversee the overall operations of a branch and all its employees. This person is tasked to maintain and make prosper the company’s assets and monitor anything and everything happening within his jurisdiction. He directly reports to the Operations Manager assigned in the area and to the CEO or owner of the company, depending on the organizational structure.

3. Executive Assistant

3 Executive Assistant

An Executive Assistant requires certain skill sets in order to properly accomplish tasks at hand. It is not limited to just typing and doing research for the boss, so make sure you understand all that the job entails before you apply for the position. The job of an executive assistant is very demanding since it requires hands on tasks. And since you work for the big boss, a lot of preparation is required for whatever the boss needs. It is also the duty of an assistant to be always by the boss’s side whenever required, even after working hours. We’ve warned you. Think it through.

2. Operations Manager

2 Operations Manager

Moving down to the executive ranks, we now arrive at a ubiquitous position called Operations Manager. The Operations Manager is tasked to ensure that proper procedures are implemented. Another important function is maintaining (or preferably, exceeding) the outputs of the branches or sub-stations that are entrusted to him. He is also responsible for checking the performance of the heads who act as the leader of each branch. If you don’t care much for inventories and reports, better not apply for this position. Operation Managers do a lot of those. In most companies, he is considered as the alter-ego of the boss since he reports directly to the CEO and implements whatever the CEO commands.

1. CEO – Chief Executive Officer

1 CEO – Chief Executive Officer

“The boss is always in even when he is out.” Contrary to popular belief, this is not what it means to be the CEO of a company. CEOs run the company and make sure that the company is stable and earning within and even beyond its target quota. He must have the knowledge to efficiently run the company. More importantly, the CEO has to have the charisma and confidence to be the face of the corporation that he represents. Having hundreds or thousands of employees under you is quite a burden but managing them accordingly with the qualities of leadership and exceptional people skills should do the job. How much does a CEO earn? Why don’t you find out for yourself?

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