Top 10 Tips on How to Write a Good College Essay for your Admission

College is the place where young adults begin to shape their dreams and prepare themselves for the real life ahead. In order to be admitted to your preferred colleges, you have to get a high general point average or GPA during your high school years, a high SAT and college entrance exam score and of course, a good college essay. College administration officials need to understand you and this is done through submitting your own essay. You may have to write the essay by answering the question prepared by the college/university and be clear and concise about your replies. Most students find the admission essay a bit daunting, but it really isn’t. How to write a good college essay? Here are some tips.

10. Be specific

10.Be specific

It is very important that when you write your essay, you have to be specific. This is because most colleges or universities give their applicants essay questions that are kind of generic, and they will let you sweat and spend hours thinking of something “intelligent sounding” to answer. In this case, you have to respond to this by being specific. This is great strategy: if the question is generic, answer in more specific way. The people behind the admissions board are interested in essays that are very specific and those that are worthy of their time to read. Do not bore them by saying things about yourself. Example: “My name is John and I dream of attending college in this institution. I really want to graduate from this College University and blah blah blah.” Put something interesting in your essay that will catch the readers’ attention.

9. Be bold

9.Be bold

Being passive is not good – passivity will only lead to a possible rejection of your college application. Incorporating specific answers to the essay question also entails that you be proactive all throughout. This means that you quantify your answer and be really clear in answering the question not just because you love to attend to that college or university. Give them a clear idea and a position from your side.

8. Avoid Repetition

8. Avoid Repetition

There are some questions in the college admission that the admission board wants to know about you in order to assess you further. However, some of the information they need are included in your application form and it is important that you will not be repetitive. They know it because they will read your application form. Hence, include in your essay things that you have not mentioned in your application form, but is relevant to the question in the essay.

7. No excuses

7.No excuses

When the essay question is about your high school scholastic performance, do not make excuses. What does this mean? If you have a mediocre GPA in high school, do not make excuses why you have that. Provide valid reasons or explanations only if they are good. Of course, if you have mediocre grades, assure the admissions board that you are very capable of studying hard and that you will be devoting time to studying harder once they take you in.

6. Focus on your interest

6.Focus on your interest

If the college entrance essay is about telling more about you, then create an essay that says things about yourself that will give them an insight into the kind of person you are. This question is mostly generic and the secret is you have to specific about your interests. Give them an idea of some of your plans when you start your college life with them. This type of essay is about you sharing your dreams with them and if you succeed in your dreams, the college/university also succeeds because of you. Let them know that you will be a valuable asset to their roster of students and that you will soon be an invaluable member of society.

5. Be creative

5.Be creative

When you write your college admission essay, be creative as much as possible. Your college admission is also your golden ticket to your preferred institution. You can’t think of this essay as one of your high school essays where you really have to do good in order to get a high score. What’s at stake here is so much more important than that. Do not be generic! Be specific and creative at the same time – tell them truth why you chose them.

4. Be Original

4.Be Original

Aspiring college students apply to several colleges and universities. Of course, you have to be prepared and have some back up plan. If your first college of choice does not accept you, you must have other colleges to as fallback. Nevertheless, do not make essays that are similar to one another for all your college applications. Be specific about each college – tell them honestly why you chose them or why you are applying for this course.

3. Stick with the degree program that you really want

3.Stick with the degree program that you really want

It is easier to provide an essay in your college admission that talks about the degree program you really like. Be yourself when choosing your dream course – you can listen to your family and friends, but the last decision is up to you. There is one reason why you are pushing for that degree, but it must not be because your parents told you to take this.

2. Proofread your essay

2. Proofread your essay

Proofreading your essay is necessary to ensure that you are turning in a good output. You can ask assistance from a friend, your high school teacher, and any other person whom you think is qualified to proof and check your essay. As much as possible, you want your essay to be of high quality when it comes to the form and grammar. Of course, the board of admission wants to see your writing skills.

1. Have fun

1.Have fun

It is important that you have fun when you write your essay. If you play video games, think of writing an essay as a stage that you have to complete in order to level up and reach the next stage. If you have fun while writing, you will make it simpler and easier and less troublesome. Being specific, creative and having fun as the best tips you can try about how to write a good college essay.

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  1. These are all good recommendations. Where do you think storytelling fits in to this picture? Do you think that it’s necessary to tell a good story in order to stand out?

    • Samantha Stauf | October 27, 2014 at 3:21 pm | Reply

      A bit late, but storytelling is not necessary, but it can make a very interesting essay. Personalization is a way to make your writing more interesting and connect more with the subject. And really in a college admission essay, you are selling your skill and who you are as an individual.

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