Homestead Schools: Courses For Health Care Professionals

homestead schools

homestead schools

If you want to master your health care related courses after you have earned your degree, getting a continuing education or refresher course for homestead schools might be the right option for you. There are many opportunities for professionals who have undergone a continuing education training, and these opportunities include best career options in nursing, dentistry and even social work.

The good thing about a homestead school is that it incorporates latest social studies, scientific journals and updated academic researches on the particular area you are studying, so you are assured that you get the best, most advanced modules and curriculum that provides mastery of your chosen craft.

Online courses for health care professionals taking up a continuing education have 86% of graduating, a rate higher than other private universities. This makes homestead school a more practical option for students. Here are some of the homestead schools you can choose from:

1. Garden City

The Garden City School District offers programs that do not only create a healthy environment for continuing learning for each student, but also advances the opportunities that an individual can get after being set in the real world. The optimal level of academic, social and lifestyle success that the school offers has to be one of the most fulfilling gift of a homestead school can promise.

Students need not worry about getting full funding for their homestead education. In 2012, 95% of homestead schools have received financial aid which is a rate higher than regular 2-year colleges.

2.  Homestead Schools, Inc.

This large branching school started out as a corporation based in California back in December 1991. It was officially approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing (CBRN) as a sole provider of exemplary continuing education for nurses. The organization is known for its curriculum that offers healthcare professionals an advanced training program that has been proven and tested. The organization became operational in Aug 1992. Providing high-level independent study in nursing is the prime goal of the school.

It is also interesting to note that the organization presently provides continuing education to nurses in different states for the past 15 years. The school is officially accredited.

Schools like this are ideal for students who want pragmatic options because the organization also offers financial assistance. Statistics show that 72% of students can receive financial aid in the form of grants or scholarships from homestead-based programs — getting as much as $4,342.

homestead schools

Programs Offered in Homestead Schools


Homestead Schools offer dentistry graduates continuing education in dental hygiene and dental assistance. The programs offered are found nationwide with 70 various courses available. Right now approximately 25,000 dental personnel are taking advantage of these programs. Some of the credible accreditations came from (CBDE) California Board of Dental Examiners and (FSBD) Florida State Board of Dentistry. Without a doubt, it is important to choose a school with proper accreditation, and homestead education is no different.

Marriage Family Therapy, Social Work

Psychiatric programs will benefit with the help of programs offered in continuing education. A school accredited by the (CBBS) California Board of Behavioral Sciences provide a harnessed training for marriage/family therapists and social workers.  Choosing a homestead school that has approval from the Association of Social Work Boards Approved Continuing Education (ACE) provider can also help in determining whether the school you’re in can provide the best, most established training modules for your long-time social work.

With this guide, are you convinced to get an advance and additional training in homestead schools? This is an investment that will surely boost your career opportunities.

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