Top 10 Best Colleges for Biology for Career Options

If you are interested in taking up biology for a career and being involved in it in the future, then you need to attend the best colleges possible in order to have a head start. While most institutions are good enough when it comes to their biology programs, there are universities that stand out from the rest of them. Listed below are the best colleges for biology.

10. Amherst College

This college offers its students an opportunity to learn everything about biology and even those who want to study it as part of their liberal arts education, even those not taking up science as a major. If you are interested in living organisms and how they evolve and interact, Amherst College is a very viable option for a college education.

9. University of California – Berkeley9. University of California – Berkeley

This institution is considered as top notch because it boasts of the highest number of graduates that are ranked highly in the entire country. The biology department here is tied with Harvard’s as of 2011. The university has a spread out college programs for different facets of biology, from chemical biology to microbial technology across the campus.

8. Duke University8. Duke University

This college boasts of their biology department as a highly interactive and integrative setting for research. With over 45 research laboratories that deal with the different aspects of biology, the students here can learn so much from the experts that teach in the courses. If you have a passion for biology, Duke University is an institution you should really look into.

7. Harvard University7. Harvard University

Of course, one cannot make mention of a good university without bringing up Harvard at all. As a strong leader in the education system, Harvard’s biology department has both undergraduate and graduate degree programs that span from physical biology to molecular biology. Recently, Harvard was ranked 2nd in the list of top universities that have biological science.

6. New York University6. New York University

When it comes to the relationship between student and faculty, no college deserves a better ranking than NYU. The biology department alone is very interactive and very vibrant, as they claim, and as attested by many. The institution provides research programs as well as participation when it comes to training their students regardless of any level. Their goal is to educate and in the biology department, they are doing just that. You have the option to take up Ecological and Environmental Biology, Molecular and Cellular Biology and even Developmental Genetics in this university.

5. Stanford University5. Stanford University

Located in Stanford, California, this university was recently ranked as first in the top biological programs in the country. It even beat Harvard which came at a close second. Stanford has four departments in biology. They offer Cell Biology, Molecular Biology, Plant and Marine Biology as well as Developmental Biology and Genetics. They also offer three degrees which include a B.S, an M.S and a Ph.D. program.

4. Dartmouth College4. Dartmouth College

The biology department here is located in the Class of 1978 Life Sciences Center. They are committed to offering the highest degree of education possible for all their biology students, which is why they continue to provide top-quality research experiences as much as possible. Of course, there are many facets of biology that this college also offers that are for both graduate and undergraduate programs.

3. Cornell University3. Cornell University

Specifically geared for undergraduate programs, Cornell University boasts of a very comprehensive service as well as excellence in quality for those who wish to pursue biology as a major.

2. Boston University2. Boston University

For those who wish to take a graduate program, you can take up Marine Biology, Neuroscience, Cell and Molecular Biology as well Ecology, Behavior and Evolution. There is also an undergraduate program that offers courses in the field of biology as well. Recently, Boston University had undergone an expansion in which there are now more faculty members present.

1. Yale University1. Yale University

Considered to be one of the best schools not only for biology, this institution gives an opportunity for students to study various fields in the department which include Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology. You can get a Baccalaureate as well as Doctorate degrees when you attend Yale for the program.

These colleges and universities are just some of the high-ranking institutions that are considered to be best colleges for biology. If you intend to eventually pursue a career related to biology, these are some of your best options.

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